Legal Aid Clinics

Guidelines for working of Legal Aid Clinics

  1. Legal Aid Clinic may be opened in the law colleges, in the premises of courts if possible, in the premises of Legal Services Authorities, and at such other places as the State Legal Services Authority may deem fit.

  2. District Authorities or the High Court committees may submit the proposal for sanction and the opening of the Legal Aid Clinic to the State Legal Services Authority.

  3. Non-governmental organizations, public charitable institutions etc. may submit the proposals to the State Legal Services Authority directly.

  4. Depending on the requirements, at least one law student studying in the final year and one advocate may be required to man the clinic. If the Legal Aid Clinic is run and operated by the Law Colleges, then the services of Law teachers can be utilised in place of an advocate. If the clinic is run by NGOs then it may not be necessary to have a law student in the clinic.

  5. Legal Aid Clinic shall have at least a waiting lounge and a cubicle for the sitting of student, advocate, and the persons who need legal advice or information on legal aspect.

  6. In the Legal Aid Clinic law student and the advocate may deal with different persons at a time. It is with a view that the law student will have the chance of learning and access to the senior in case of need.

  7. Law Colleges may be pursued to open, run and operate Legal Aid Clinics. Such proposal can also be submitted by the NGOs, public trusts etc.

  8. Initially the Clinic may be run on working days excluding public holidays from 2 pm. to 6 pm. And the timings can be extended as per requirement.

  9. If a Law College is granted permission to run a Legal Aid Clinic then after completion of period of one calendar year on being certified by the principal of the Law College that the Clinic was run continuously for a period of one year, a grant of Rs.20, 000 may be sanctioned by the State Legal Services Authority to such a law college, for the work done in the previous year. If the Legal Aid Clinic is run by NGOs etc. then in the same fashion grant of Rs. 10,000 may be sanctioned after receipt of their application. Costs of infrastructure, furniture, electricity etc. will have to be borne by college or the institution running Legal Aid Clinic.

  10. Every Authority running Legal Aid Clinic shall prepare a panel of advocates who can be assigned work in the clinic for a minimum period of 4 hours. Law students can be sent by the law colleges under the signature of the principal of the college. Legal Services Authority shall pay Rs. 400 to the advocate for every 4 hours work in the Legal Aid Clinic and law student shall be paid Rs.200 accordingly.

  11. Every Legal Aid Clinic shall maintain a register of persons visiting the Legal Aid Clinic and who have received help there from in such format as will be prescribed by the State Legal Services Authority.

  12. The State Legal Services Authority or the District Legal Services Authority within whose jurisdiction Legal Aid Clinic is run shall have right to visit, verify and observe the working of Legal Aid Clinic.

Date 3rd February 2006