Guidelines for working of Continuous Lok Adalat

  1. If the parties arrive at a settlement before Lok Adalat but want time before passing of an Award to seek approval from the Head Office, viz. overnment office or Head Office, etc. the Lok Adalat may adjourn the matter. However settlement may be recorded and signed by the parties. Such settlement shall be kept in the file.

  2. It may be signed by one of the panel Members to secure that the same settlement is placed for obtaining the signatures of remaining panel Members after receipt of confirmation letter from the party.

  3. On a subsequent date, the party which has sought time for getting Approval or Confirmation shall file the letter accordingly in the office. Such letter shall form the part of settlement and then office shall obtain the signatures of remaining panel Members on it. No settled matter shall be called before Lok Adalat again unless there is some problem with the confirming party or for re-negotiation or for further negotiation, if any, as required.

  4. parties shall be informed by the Lok Adalat that all the negotiations before Lok Adalat shall be confidential and parties shall be free to express what they want to express for their settlement before Lok Adalat, and unless an award is passed, no record of negotiation or settlement shall be kept or preserved.

  5. Where no award is made by the Lok Adalat on the ground that no compromise or settlement could be arrived at between the parties, the record of settlement, if any, shall be destroyed instantly by Lok Adalat, and as far as possible in front of the parties. Similarly Lok Adalat shall not report to the court referring the matter to Lok Adalat, any impressions as regard the matter.